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About Coffee Mugs

1st mug in the series
Over the years I have made many coffee mugs.  I even won a coffee mug show with one of my designs (years ago).  Lately I’ve been obsessing about how to make mugs that show off my new carving work.  My dilemma was not about the carving, but how to prepare the mug for carving.  Picture this…three coats of black underglaze is applied on the potter’s wheel. Now, if the handle is attached…hmmm…spinning wheel, protruding appendage – recipe for disaster.  Two choices – attach the handle after the underglaze, or do it first & apply the underglaze by hand.  So I tried it both ways – either will work – not sure which I like best. Carving the line at top & bottom is almost as tricky, but I did it without knocking the handle off, so I’m happy.  And I LOVE these new mugs! Can’t wait to get them fired & drink some of Sam’s fabulous coffee from one.
Series of 4

From the back

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