Look for the Signs in Situ


Abstracts were my first love when I began my painting journey and I still return to them periodically. The results can be unexpected but almost always lovely. Come browse & see for yourself.

Blue Bonnet Heaven in situ


In 2023 I began to experiment with oils and fell in love. Oils led to landscapes so I've been playing around with different approaches. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Twilight Storm in situ

Tribal Art

My favorite work of all! You'll find acrylics as well as oils in this group with new paintings being added all the time. If you have a request for something special, just let me know.

Study in Pastels in situ

Artist Studies

These experimental pieces done mostly in acrylics, mostly on paper so very affordable. Mounted on cradled panels, they can be framed in a standard frame or hung on the wall as is.

Totem Stick Grouping

Totem Sticks

No longer available from my studio, a few are still available at some of these fine locations.

Raven Speaks fine art print

Prints and Cards

Fine art prints, books, notecards, and products featuring my art.