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But I have Too Much Stuff!

Have you ever said this to an artist?  “But I have too much stuff already!” Certainly many shoppers are thinking this as they salivate over work they would love to own, even if they don’t say it out loud.  So I thought it might be helpful to show you some ways to use pottery around your home.  Personally, I use pottery for everything!  If there is a need for something to be held/contained, pottery is my go-to solution.  What about you?  Would love to see your photos of how you use artist-made items to serve double duty at your house. 

Let’s start in the kitchen.  Here are a few of photos to get you started – more in the next post.

Flowers make me smile so I use pottery all over the house for little bunches of flowers.  This little vase was purchased in Santa Fe but the artist didn’t sign it.  In the background is one of my pierced pieces acting as a napkin holder.

Grapes look even yummier on a lovely plate and bowl by Pamela Summers.

Clockwise from top left: footed bowl by yours truly, lemons held by Ron Hollister bowl, bread in an Orby Chamblee woven pottery basket, and tomatoes in a wonderful bowl by Pamela McMahon.

Larger view of my limited counter space – utensils are held by pots whose makers I no longer remember and are not signed. 

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