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Carving my Bottoms

For some years, I made a point of carving a little drawing on the bottom of my pots. Then I changed to just carving my “dancing lady” on the bottom.  I got away from it when I ordered a professional stamp with my signature and Earth to Art logo.  Now, I’ve decided to do both – at least on some things.  Has anyone EVER admired a piece of pottery without picking it up and turning it over to see the bottom?  I love the element of surprise when they find more carving on the bottom.  And then,  there is the adage I recall from other art endeavors such as embroidery, stained glass, etc. “The back needs to be just as beautiful as the front” (is that my mother’s voice I hear?).

So, here is a picture of a platter in progress and a large bowl.  On one I carved in the raw clay and the other I added black under glaze for that stunning contrast that I so love.  I like both effects, so maybe I will just do what I’m in the mood for at the time. Do they all need to be the same?  Which do you like best? 

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