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Did You Hear What Happened at Red Earth?

© Carolyn Bernard Young, Healing Magic of a Teacher, 42 x 6 x 2", stoneware, slips, crushed turquoise, acrylic, poplar
© Carolyn Bernard Young, Healing Magic of a Teacher, 42 x 6 x 2″, stoneware, slips, crushed turquoise, acrylic, poplar

For the very first time, I entered my work in the “Sculpture” category – one of my new Totem Sticks titled Healing Magic of a Teacher. And it won 2nd place!! Yippee! I don’t even have a professional photo of it because it sold too.  But here it is, hanging on the wall of my booth.

So What, You Say?

You may recall that I decided at the beginning of this year to move away from the wheel and into more sculptural work. It was scary for me. All sorts of questions nagged me every day in the studio. Could I still do sgraffito? Would this new work be accepted? Will my designs be any good?

2nd Place is Pretty Good

So, I’m thinking 2nd place is pretty good, huh? The competition was stiff and I was flabbergasted when they called my name. Did I mention it sold too? Along with a whole dang bunch of its brothers & sisters.

Doing My Happy Dance

Some might say “it’s only second place”, but not me. I’m profoundly grateful that my work is progressing in a new direction AND that it resonates with you.

I’m a happy girl!

Oh, and By The Way

A Warrior’s Prayer won First Place in Contemporary Pottery. Still rocking the wheel thrown work, just not as often.

© Carolyn Bernard Young, A Warrior's Prayer, 9 x 7 x 7", stoneware, sgraffito
© Carolyn Bernard Young, A Warrior’s Prayer, 9 x 7 x 7″, stoneware, sgraffito
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  1. Big huge congrats, Carolyn! Your work is just amazing. The sculptures are like a 3-D collage and I love the turquoise and Choctaw symbols. So excited for you –

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