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Five Good Reasons to Get Up in the Morning

Wheel thrown & altered bowl, "Wings of an Eagle", side view
© Carolyn Bernard Young, Wings of an Eagle, Altered Vessel, 5.5″ x 6.5″, stoneware, $225


We all have those  days when we’d just rather pull the covers over our sleepy head and hide from the world. Been there, don’t think I’ve actually ever done it though.

For  32 years I had to get up at the unearthly hour of 5:00 am, sometimes 4:30 (ugh) – or depending on where I was in the world and what time my flight was departing, even earlier.

But no more! I retired from aerospace in 2009. Now I can sleep in to  6:30, maybe even 7:00 – what a luxury that seems to me (most days).

Why so early you say?

I’m an artist – I have to work in the studio every single day or there will be no  art and I could no longer call myself an artist (a term I still have trouble saying).  But I have good reasons for getting up so early.  Here are just the top five:

  1. To have coffee on the back porch with my adorable husband.
  2. To drink in the peace of living in the country.
  3. To feed our three fur babies and give them lots of love.
  4. To walk the 100 feet to my studio, stretch a little, sketch a little, and plan my day.
  5. To get my hands in the clay…to throw, trim, carve, and fire the art I so love to make.
Yes, I am truly blessed to be living the creative life I’ve dreamed.  I am profoundly grateful every day for that blessing.

Gratitude is wonderful thing

It breeds happiness. I hope you have five good reasons to get up in the morning.  Please share with us some of your best reasons for rolling out of bed.  And if you can’t think of five…that’s okay, just be grateful for those you have and before long, your list will grow…and grow…and grow.

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With gratitude,
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