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My Heart Isn’t Blue

Happy New Year!  Recently I read that the second Monday in January is called Blue Monday because of the let-down after the holidays.

©Carolyn Bernard Young, My Heart Isnt Blue, 10.5 x 4 x 3", stoneware on metal stand
©Carolyn Bernard Young, My Heart Isn’t Blue, 10.5 x 4 x 3″, stoneware on metal stand

A New Adventure

For me it has been a time of transition to a new body of work and a new way of working. Thrilling? Yes! Scary? Yes, of course! Change brings many problem solving opportunities and I thought you might enjoy hearing some of the kinks and quirks in the life of a ceramic artist.

There Were Kinks

When a ceramic piece will hang on the wall, all the problems associated with hanging it have to be resolved before I start making the piece. This involved a number of tests, trials & errors (emphasis on errors), but I came up with something I think will work well & be easy for the collector to hang. (See image below right.) So my new series of wall pieces are off & running!

And Some Quirks

Next I wanted to make small figurative sculptures displayed on a metal stand. The first problem was how to fire a piece with a tiny bottom – it needed support. So I made form from clay (called a chuck) that worked well for firing both in bisque and with glazes (see image below left).  Next, after combing the internet and failing to find what I wanted, my sweet husband found a local welder who was willing to work with me and make the stands I designed. I love finding local folks to support my business! The photo shows the first sculpture on a mock-up stand – the final one will be similar with consistent edges.

Work in Progress, Hanging System
Work in Progress, Small Figure
Work in Progress, Small Figure

But In the End

My Heart Isn’t Blue is the first of what I hope will be many of these wonderful figures. A friend recommended the title and I think it fits perfectly. And it deftly describes the first two weeks of the new year for me…my heart isn’t blue, it’s bursting with excitement! How about you?

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  1. Hey dear friend! Interesting information about Blue Monday. I love your new work and can’t wait to see all the wonderful new designs. Happy New Year!

  2. Wonderful article. I know that whatever direction you decide to take your art, the end result will be beautiful.

  3. Your new work looks like goddess figures to me. Every female has a goddess (or two!) inside of us. This is a theme of particular interest in my work as well. I look forward to seeing more of your work. I love it so far!
    In Costa Rica there is a custom whereby the first twelve days of January “paints” the weather for the next twelve months. For instance, the weather on January 6 will indicate the type of weather for the month of June (the 6th month of the year). Any body else know of interesting January customs or beliefs?

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