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One Woman Show

© Carolyn Bernard Young, Ishki (Mother), stoneware mounted on board, sgraffito

It is with breathless anticipation that I announce my solo exhibition, Spirits Rising, opening April 3.

Opening Reception

I am pleased to invite you to the Opening Reception April 5 from 5-7 pm at the Red Earth Art Center, 6 Santa Fe Plaza, Oklahoma City. If you are not in or around Oklahoma City, I hope you will share this invitation with friends who are.

Rising from the Dust

Spirits Rising began as an altered vessel – a winged serpent carved on the front and my vision of rising spirits on the back.  These spirits speak of the culture of my people, rising from the dust of genocide to a vibrant community devoted to preserving our history, language & culture.

Next the spirits appeared on a lidded jar and I knew they must break away from a thrown vessel to have a life & stories of their own.  It seemed to me as if the Spirit Sisters & Warrior Brothers leaped to the wall of their own accord.

A New Adventure

Spirits Rising embodies a new adventure for me, working with stoneware clay in a new way.  As I move away from wheel-thrown work, I will continue to tell the stories of my tribe, my family, & the history of our country in the form of wall sculpture,  figurative sculpture, & ceramic collage. I am thrilled that the clay still feeds my soul and makes my heart sing.  The adventure has barely begun and I can hardly wait to see where it leads!

Red Earth

© Carolyn Bernard Young, Circle of Life, 4x20x3", stoneware, sgraffito, mounted on poplar
© Carolyn Bernard Young, Circle of Life, 4 x 20 x 3″, stoneware, sgraffito, mounted on poplar

It is an honor to have my work in the notable Red Earth Art Center, home to a permanent collection of over 1,100 items of fine art, pottery, basketry, textiles and beadwork – including the Deupree Cradleboard Collection, one of the finest individual collections of its kind in North America.

The show runs April 3 – May 30 and admission is free. The center is open Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm.

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  1. this is so exciting.

    The thought of traveling is daunting, but I am asking around to find some friends to join me and we will make a day of it.

    Thank you for following your heart and your art.

    The direction is thrilling.

    1. Hi Jan! I do hope one day our paths will cross. Thank you for your always enthusiastic support of my work!

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