Awakening of Gratitude


Bring abundance and gratitude into your home.


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Bring abundance and gratitude into your home

Awakening of Gratitude

A totem pole for your wall, this wall sculpture is made of stoneware shards mounted to a poplar “stick”. The shards are covered with black slip, then carved in the sgraffito technique. Fired to 2167 degrees F, then mounted to a poplar “stick”. “Awakening Gratitude” features several totems and symbols:

  • Buffalo – The buffalo was vital to Native Americans as they provided food, shelter, clothing, tools, bedding and other essentials. As a spirit animal, the buffalo is known for abundance, gratitude and community.
  • Dancer – The dancer design is a self-portrait of me dancing for joy, celebrating and giving thanks for the gift of doing what I love.
  • Diamond pattern – The diamond or half-diamond pattern represents the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. It pays homage to the diamond back rattle snake and symbolizes our respect for nature. Rattlesnakes were important to the ancient Choctaw farmers because they ate small varmints that threatened the corn crops. When the diamond appears in a border, such as on Choctaw clothing, it is meant to represent a pathway.
  • Frog – Often called the dreamer, the frog is generally associated with water, symbolizing cleansing and renewal.
  • Hand – The drawn hand includes the creative spiral and is a declaration this piece is created by hand.

Ready to Hang

Ready to hang with a D hook on the back. Perfect for that slice of wall next to a door or window – or select more than one for a grouping with big impact.
  • Handcrafted by the artist, personally
  • Supplies hand picked from the best US suppliers
  • Card explaining totems included
  • Exclusively featured here – you won’t find anywhere else

27 x 6 x 1″, stoneware, slips, mounted on poplar

©Carolyn Bernard Young

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Dimensions 27 × 6 × 1 in


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