Fish Tile with Stand


Choose Happiness


Choose Happiness

Fish Tile

Fish as a totem is related to creation and happiness. Creation can mean artistic creations or procreation. Happiness is not given – it is a choice.

This 3.5″ tile is made by rolling out a slab of stoneware clay, and cutting to size. When leather hard, the tile is covered with three layers of black under glaze. Images are carved and it is fired to 1987 degrees, then a clear glaze applied and fired to 2167 degrees. The end result resembles scratch board or wood cuts.

A lovely little black easel is included for display.

It’s the perfect gift for your sweetheart, a graduate, bride, or mom. 

  • Handcrafted by the artist, personally
  • Supplies hand picked from the best US suppliers
  • Card explaining totems included
  • Packaged carefully in a special box with a gift ribbon

©Carolyn Bernard Young

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Black frame, Keepsake Box


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