Illusion of Freedom


Black and white art always makes a statement.


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Black and white art always makes a statement.

Illusion of Freedom

A totem pole for your wall, this wall sculpture is made of stoneware shards mounted to a poplar “stick”. The shards are covered with black slip, then carved in the sgraffito technique. Fired to 2167 degrees F, then mounted to a poplar “stick”, with bumpers at the bottom to protect your wall.
So what do these totems and symbols mean?
  • Raven – Often called the “trickster”, the raven (or crow) is known for its magic powers. It teaches us deep introspection and clear vision in a confusing world.
  • Feather – Feathers are often associated with warriors and chiefs, but they also represent prayer. Ancient Native Americans believed that prayers were carried to the Great Spirit on the wings of an eagle.
  • Horse – The horse totem represents passion and a driving force.

Ready to Hang

Ready to hang with a D hook on the back. Perfect for that slice of wall next to a door or window – or select more than one for a grouping with big impact.
  • Handcrafted by the artist, personally
  • Supplies hand picked from the best US suppliers
  • Card explaining totems included
  • Exclusively featured here – you won’t find anywhere else

27 x 6 x 1″, stoneware, slips, mounted poplar

©Carolyn Bernard Young

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Dimensions 27 × 6 × 1 in


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