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Leading the Family by Faith


A, Chahta sia! ~ (Yes, I am Choctaw!)

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A, sia!

Leading the Family - Yes, I am Choctaw!

In Choctaw culture, women were likened to Mother Earth. Givers of life and sustenance, they were revered. Family lines followed the female side, rather than the male. She was the property owner, the head of the family. When she died, her property did not revert to her husband, but went instead to her children and biological family. Even the children went to her family, not to her husband.

Choctaw women have been known to pick up the weapons of a fallen husband in battle and continue the fight. They were tough!

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21 x 7 x 6″, stoneware, slip, buckskin, wood ships, glass beads, bone, feathers, birch base

©Carolyn Bernard Young

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Dimensions 21 × 7 × 6 in


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