Love Waits


©Carolyn Bernard Young, Love Waits, 9 x 12″ acrylic on watercolor paper mounted on 11 x 14 x .75″ cradled wood panel


Tribal Women Series

Many Native American tribes, including the Choctaws, were matriarchal societies. In Choctaw culture, women were likened to Mother Earth. Givers of Life and sustenance, they were revered in the tribe.

Family lines followed the female side, rather than the male. When a wife died, her property did not revert to her husband, but went instead to her children and biological family.

Choctaw women have been known to pick up the weapons of a fallen husband in battle and continue the fight. In this painting, the women are waiting for warriors to return. The two on the right have husbands they await. The one on the left is an unmarried girl, awaiting her father’s return.

Created using acrylic inks, paints, and a bit of collage on a 9 x 12″ sheet of 140 lb cold press watercolor paper mounted on an 11 x 14 x .75″ cradled wood panel.  Multiple coats of non-yellowing, water resistant medium are applied to seal and protect the painting.

Ready to Hang

The panel is wired in back for easy display.

  • Hand painted by the artist, personally
  • Packaged carefully and shipped to you within 1-2 business days

Love Waits, 9 x 12″ mixed media on watercolor paper, mounted on 11 x 14 x .75″ cradled wood panel.

©Carolyn Bernard Young


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