Raven Speaks, A Tribal Abstract Painting


Raven Speaks, 10 x 8 x 1.75″, acrylics on paper, mounted on birch panel



The spiral is believed to be the oldest and most used symbol on the planet. Meanings vary by tribe or culture, but many Native American tribes believe it shows our life path. The Raven is often associated with magic and referred to as the trickster. This painting is meant to convey a message of strength. “Keep to your path, no matter what tricky messages you may receive.”

This small painting is the perfect  gift for yourself or a friend who needs some encouragement.

Created on paper, then mounted on a cradled wood panel. Multiple coats of non-yellowing, water resistant medium are applied to seal and protect the painting.

Ready to Hang

No frame necessary as the panel is wired in back for quick display.

  • Handpainted by the artist, personally
  • Materials hand picked from the best US suppliers
  • Packaged carefully and shipped to you within 1-2 business days

Raven Speaks, 10 x 8 x 1.75″, acrylic on watercolor paper mounted on cradled wood panel.

© Carolyn Bernard Young

Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 8 × 1.5 in


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