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Warrior Spirit

©Carolyn Bernard Young, Warrior Spirit, 12 x 5.5 x 7.25", stoneware, sgraffito
©Carolyn Bernard Young, Warrior Spirit, 12 x 5.5 x 7.25″, stoneware, sgraffito – Available at Worrell Gallery in Santa Fe, NM

Daily Fight to Survive

Hummingbird is known as a warrior spirit with healing powers, and one of the strongest totems. The tiny hummingbird embodies the spirit of a great warrior. His daily fight for survival shows us that success is not only for the large and powerful. Etched in stoneware, this hummingbird will live on forever.

A Burning Desire

The bright orange finial adds a feeling of flame – that burning desire to thrive – and the graceful flight of the magical hummingbird. Inside you will find a matching orange glaze, making it food safe.

The feather pattern around the top is associated with prayer because of tribal beliefs that prayers are carried to the Great Spirit on the wings of an eagle.  On the back is the Choctaw diamond pattern, indicating our deep respect for nature.

Available at Worrell Gallery

This wheel thrown, hand-etched, lidded jar is available at the Worrell Gallery, 103 Washington Ave, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Please call (505) 989-4900 for additional information or visit their website.

Contact Carolyn at 817-269-5375 or carolyn@earthtoart.com


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